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(Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel)


Specialised Bio-Carrier For High BOD Load Wastewaters

20 micron Porous Structure of PVA-Gel Bio-Carrier

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Some Information

PVA-Gel is an advanced wastewater treatment Bio-Carrier suitable for municipal wastewater treatment and especially suited to high BOD Load wastewaters such as Leachate, Dairy, Meat Slaughtering and Processing, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, etc.

PVA-Gel Bio-Carrier is a 4mm Diameter Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel bead, with a unique ability to house only the required micro-organisms within it’s very porous structure (approx. 20 microns) which are responsible for the degradation of contaminants, both in Nitrification and Denitrification applications.

PVA-Gel has estimated 6000m²/m³ surface area and consumers on average 25kg BOD/m³ PVA-Gel/Day which makes it possible to treat 2-5 times the BOD Load in your existing facility, requiring only minor adjustments and modifications to the plant and process.

PVA-Gel is a massive step forward in the desire to design smaller footprints plants and to increase existing facilities capacities.

Your Benefits

The incorporation of PVA-Gel Bio-Carrier in new designs will ensure much smaller footprint designs and therefore cheaper construction costs.

Upgrading your existing process infrastructure to significantly increase its performance with PVA-Gel, would only require a 10% mix of PVA-Gel where other bio-carriers would require 40$ -75% mix. 

Upgrading our existing Activated Sludge infrastructure to PVA-Gel would significantly increase the BOD and Hydraulic load by 200% – 500%.

Existing aeration equipment and treatment tanks can be very easily adapted to accommodate the PVA-Gel and usually doesn’t require any additional tank space but may require some screening, piping and pump modifications. 

PVA-Gel Beads have currently been used in facilities across Japan for 10-15 years and have not lost their treatment capacity or decreased in size which demonstrates its resilience to ware and tare and long-term affordability and sustainability.

By upgrading your facility to PVA-Gel as well as incorporating our patented sludge reduction Process into the design of your facility it would produce at least 40% less excess sludge waste which could represent massive yearly savings on sludge handling and disposal costs.

PVA Gel now used for producing potable water from unsafe water sources!

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