The activated sludge process is extremely sensitive due to the fact that the good bacteria is always exposed to shock loading. We find the entire culture is wiped out when severe BOD shock loading or increased hydraulic load occurs.

PVA-Gel houses the bacteria within it’s porous structure. When shock loading occurs only a small part of the outer layer of bacteria is killed off. This outer layer then very quickly regenerates. We have discovered that regeneration of the bacteria to full capacity can take as little as two – six hours, which is phenomenal.

PVA-Gel bio-carrier is uniquely suited to high BOD loaded wastewaters from industries such as Dairy, Meat Processing, Rice, Starch, Oil, Dyes, Landfill Leachate, Breweries, Pharmaceutical and much more due to its abilities to treat between 2 and 5 times the BOD load in the same footprint of traditional activated sludge process plants.

These wastewaters are extremely difficult to treat as the BOD loads vary so much that the activated sludge process regularly gets shock loaded and takes a very long tome to recover (up to 30 days). 

Conventional Bio-Carrier (700m²/m³)

Protozoa, Metazoa and Bacteria, grows on the surface and is still vulnerable to BOD shock loading.

The result being a complete culling of the Bacteria in the process.

PVA-Gel Bio-Carrier (6000 m²/m³)

Protozoa, Metazoa and Bacteria float around in the water but only Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria grows within the very porous structure of the PVA-Gel Bead, therefore protecting it from shock loading.

The result being very quick recovery times.

Advantages of converting to PVA-Gel Bioreactor

  • 1
    Smaller Footprint
    The use of PVA-Gel Bio-Carrier in new designs will ensure smaller footprint and therefore cheaper treatment facilities.
  • 2
    Upgrading your existing process to a PVA-Gel Bio Reactor would only require a 10% mix of PVA-Gel where other bio-carriers would require 40% - 75% mix. This makes PVA-Gel cheaper overall.
  • 3
    Saving on Capex investment
    The upgrading of existing Activated Sludge facilities to PVA-Gel Bioreactor will save millions in CAPEX because the facilities BOD and Hydraulic load would be significantly increased (200% - 500%) by utilising the existing facility.
  • 4
    Minimal Infrastructure Change
    PVA-Gel Beads are very buoyant and are very easily circulated by standard aeration installation. Therefore requiring very little infrastructure changes.
  • 5
    Long Lasting & Durable
    PVA-Gel Beads have been used in facilities for 10-15 years and have not lost their treatment capacity or decreased in size which makes this product extremely resilient to ware and tare and affordable.
  • 6
    O&M cost reduction
    In PVA-Gel Bioreactor pilots we have performed, We have seen the significant reduction of excess sludge waste which could represent massive yearly savings in Operation & Maintenance costs and therefore, a return on the investment

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